I'm a writer and editor whose interests and expertise include science, technology, data, and culture. My writing has appeared in Scientific AmericanPopular Science, Psychology Today, and a wide variety of other publications, as well as on public radio programs including Science Friday and Freakonomics Radio. You can get check some of it out in the Work tab, naturally.

In addition to my work as a journalist, I've served as a communications and marketing professional for small businesses and large nonprofits including Seattle Repertory Theatre and the American Museum of Natural History. To get a look at my full CV, head over to my LinkedIn page.

I'm available for freelance, contract, and consultation work, including feature writing, blogging, editing, and project management. Also, basic typewriter repair and maintenance, but that's less in demand. Feel free to reach out to me at ianchant@gmail.com with any questions about rates, availability, what I'm reading lately, or just to say hi. That's always nice. 

Thanks for your interest and be well.